Our Mission is to help any student receive a great Math Education appropriate for his or her interests in life and to help each student become a Math Winner.

To learn more about how to create a Math Winner, we invite you to watch this 47 minute video and to download a free PDF version of Dr. Del’s book, “How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education” below.

If and when you have a student who is ready to embark on such an education, and you need help in delivering such an education, please visit The Practical Math Foundation page go to and enroll your student in the Practical Math Foundation.

If you are a parent or teacher who plans to teach math yourself, we offer you a wide variety of free resources to educate and guide you in your mission. You may retrieve some of them from our Resources page , and more by visiting our two other websites:  www.CraigHane.com and www.TriadMathInc.com

Download your free PDF copy of Dr. Del’s book:

How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry 

From a Homeschool Parent:

“Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation Course has been encouraging to both my children.  Prior to this program, we have dabbled using several different arithmetic approaches.  Struggling with understanding math concepts, we found your program mindful to the different perceptions from each individual student.  Your program walks side by side with students and allows them to follow at their own pace, when they are ready.  From day one, my children have found your program to be easily understood and have enjoyed the calculator concept.   Thank you for a practical math curriculum.”
 – Elizabeth K., Michigan

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