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My Teen Hated Math – – – Now She Loves It!


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Hi! I’m Sharon* and I want to share my story with you. I’ve been homeschooling our kids since the very beginning. David’s 19 and is in college. Faith is 16, and Noah just turned 8.

David always loved math and could pick up a book and just seem to absorb it. But Faith was a different story. She never liked math and thought she couldn’t do it.

I’d tried several math programs with her, but nothing ever resonated. Both of us were so frustrated. She’s a bright girl, and I knew she could learn math, but I was at the end of my rope and so was she.

A couple of years ago, a friend that teaches math in a co-op told me about Dr. Del’s new approach to math. The co-op was using the program and it was working, so I figured at that point, we had nothing to lose.

Faith was reluctant at first, but her attitude did begin to change as she learned how to use the scientific calculator. I must admit… I really liked the calculator lessons too, because I never knew how to use a calculator for anything other than for simple problems.

The online videos let Faith work at her own pace and gain some confidence. She found the program easy to understand and I really liked the fact she also had exercises to work on and had to pass a quiz before she went on to the next topic.

So you’re probably wondering… why is Dr. Del’s program so different and why did it work so well for Faith, when everything else had failed?

Well, typical math programs follow the standard curriculum, where students take 1 year of pre-algebra, then 1 year of algebra, then 1 year of geometry, then another year of algebra, and then a year of trig, and so on.

Dr. Del has rearranged the standard curriculum most of us use into a 10 Tier program.

In Tier 1, Faith learned how to use a scientific calculator and reviewed the basic rules of math. In Tier 2, she learned basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry. And that only took a couple of semesters.

In Tier 3, Faith prepared for the math portion of the SAT, and then learned even more algebra, geometry and trigonometry, but this time, Dr. Del covered the topics more in depth. She got through Tier 3 is less than a school year.

Faith is planning on going to college and is interested in chemistry. She’s almost through Tier 4, and then will be moving on to Tiers 5 and 6, all of which are for college-bound students wanting to major in science, technology, or engineering. I think – at the pace she is going now – she’ll be able to get through those courses in about a 2 or 3 semesters.

Tiers 7-10 are for college-bound students wanting to major in math, so Faith will be stopping after Tier 6, but I know she will be VERY prepared to take college level courses.

She now has confidence, she knows how to use powerful tools like Wolfram Alpha, and is ready to face the world!

And another great thing is that all of these courses go directly onto her transcript taking care of our state’s reporting rules.

So it ends up that Dr. Del’s program really was an answer to my prayers after all. And I know he can help your child too!

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