How to Use a Scientific Calculator

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You’ll get 17 online, self-paced video lessons, printable PDF notes and exercises, and certificates of completion!  Each lesson includes an online pre- and post-test to quantify the learning experience.

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Lessons include (name and video length):

  1. Introduction (5 Min.)ti30xa_new
  2. Basic Operations (6 Min.)
  3. Real Numbers (6 Min.)
  4. Negative Numbers (6 Min.)
  5. Multiplication, Division and Percentage (7 Min.)
  6. Percentage (3 Min.)
  7. Using Memory (7 Min.)
  8. Squares (3 Min.)
  9. Square Roots (5 Min.)
  10. Reciprocals (6 Min.)
  11. Fractions (6 Min.)
  12. Proper & Improper Fractions (6 Min.)
  13. Converting Fractions to Decimals (6 Min.)
  14. Trigonometry Operations (6 Min.)
  15. Using Sine (6 Min.)
  16. Using Cosine (6 Min.)
  17. Using Tangent (6 Min.)

Download a Course Syllabus.

button_enrollnow_roundedOnly $27 per Student.  NO RISK!  Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed!  


At the end of these lessons, you will learn how to find the area of ANY triangle, given the lengths of its three sides, very easily and quickly with the TI-30Xa calculator.  Very few people know how to do this with a scientific calculator!

Example:  What is the Area of a triangle whose sides are:  7.3, 12.5 and 15.8?    (Answer: 44.5 Sq. Units)

button_enrollnow_roundedOnly $27 per Student.  NO RISK!  Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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