The Math Teacher’s Guide for Post-Elementary Math Teachers

Watch this 5 minute video to learn about Dr. Del’s Middle/High School Math Teacher’s Guide and how you can receive your free PDF copy.

This video discusses:

  • How you can deliver a superior math educational experience (post elementary) to your child/student regardless of your own math abilities.
  • The Three indispensable ingredients of a successful math education program.
  • How you can become a Mentor/Coach for math and let an expert teacher, Dr. Del, do the “heavy lifting” and teach your child/student math in the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and efficient way possible.
  • Learn how you can obtain the most effective math program today for an incredibly low investment (less that a normal text book), that let’s you achieve all the things enumerated in the first six points.

The High School Math Teacher’s Guide Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. What’s in it for me?
Chapter 2. Who is Dr. Del?
Chapter 3. Triad of Effective Math Education
Chapter 4. Attributes of a good high school Math teacher
Chapter 5. The Dr. Del Practical Math Foundation
Chapter 6. Syllabus or Lesson Plan
Chapter 7. Importance of the Scientific Calculator
Chapter 8. Beyond the Foundation — Ten Tiers
Chapter 9. Resources
Chapter 10.Final Advice

Click here to get a PDF of Chapter 1 from the Teacher’s Guide and join Dr. Del’s Matheracy Crusade to get your complimentary PDF copy of the entire Math Teacher’s Guide.