My child is Struggling with Math

My child is struggling with Math.  What should I do?

There’s nothing worse than watching your child struggle.  Especially, when it may be preventable.

With 50+ years of teaching math under his belt, Dr. Del, aka Craig Hane, Ph.D., addresses this issue from both from the parent’s and the student’s viewpoint in his eBook, “Math? Help!”

In this brief 24 page guide for Home School Parents, you’ll get answers to Questions from the Parent’s viewpoint:

  • Why is my child struggling with math?g. cover 3
  • What can I do about it for my child?

And, you’ll get answers to Questions from the Student’s viewpoint:

  • What’s Math all about?
  • Why is Math hard for Me
  • Is it MY fault or am I “stupid”?
  • How can I understand Math?
  • Can Math be Easy for me?
  • Can Math be Fun for me?
  • What good will Math do ME?
  • So, what should I do, right now?

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