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By reading these FREE eBooks, you can make the best decision in selecting the very best possible math program for your child or children, avoiding waste and frustration for both you and your child.

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a. Book cover design white_redFor Beginners:  For all parents responsible for their child’s math education.  This is a good book to begin with for all parents.

 “How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry”

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g. cover 3For Students who Struggle or don’t like math:  For all parents of a child struggling with math.  This book is also for your child.  Now you’ll both know why, and more importantly, what to do about it!

  “Math?  Help!

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KB-Cover-21st-CenturyFor Students who want the Best STEM Math Prep:  For all math teachers, and parents of a child who wants to learn math to possibly pursue a STEM career path.  This book explains how and why our current Standard Math Curriculum taught in virtually all math textbooks is obsolete and placing our students who survive it at a severe handicap with international students.

“Teaching Math”

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For families who have more than one student, or who have at least one student pursuing a STEM career, there is a special Family Program you will want to know about before you enroll.  Please visit:


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