Webinar Questions – Struggles

bigstock-Student-2790597Why your child may be struggling with math.

  • Pedagogy and/or Content
  • Pedagogy is how s/he is taught math.
  • It needs to be self paced, interactive, with feedback and encouragement from the teacher or coach.   See the SPIKE pedagogy message.
  • It needs to be Kinesthetic meaning that math consists of lots of practice.
  • Cheer the mistakes as a sign of progress and learning. EVERYONE makes a lot of mistakes as they learn and practice math.
  • Think of Math as a sport. You be the coach and cheerleader.
  • Content needs to be topics presented in the proper sequence.
  • Do not include obsolete topics that will be of no value in any practical sense.
  • Do not include topics prematurely. Climb the ladder step by step and don’t skip rungs.
  • Do not include theoretical topics until through Tier 5 for STE students. Only future math majors need theory.
  • See our Table of Contents to see what you should be teaching.

Watch the webinar re-play of this topic: